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Welcome to Phantom Dynamics - Innovations of Light, Sound and Imagination!

Phantom Dynamics is the "Behind The Scenes Actions" of events and performances or all the subtle details or little pixels the make up the whole picture from behind the scenes.

What makes Disney World so amazing? It is because they pay attention to every detail. It is all the little subtle things that make up the incredible experience. every color, every shape, every sound or actions to convince everyone you are in some place else like The Pirates Of The Caribbean and not some warehouse with plywood walls and a few guys running around waving flashlights.

One of the biggest problems with night clubs is that they concentrate of only a few of the bigger details and not enough on the small details, one being - how the club is going to look to their base customers after a few months.

Is the club going to look the same for the next few years? You can only be impressed for so long with the new club scene and then we all look for the "New Experience". One of the best ways for a new or older club looking to kick things up is to plan out or theme their approach. Going modular is a unique and planned way to design your venue for the present and the future.

Using lighting, special effects and a modular design - one could plan out a night club theme that could change every 6 months or so, this way the club environment would look and feel completely different every time the club felt the need to change.

Of-course a few more details would need attention, like seating, moveable walls or bounders and a few lighting tricks, however when changed, the dynamics of the club would change and the clubs unique customer base would always patronage the club because they would never know what was next. Virtually you would always keep the clients curious and wanting to be a part of the unique atmosphere.

So in total Phantom Dynamics encompasses all aspect of the present and future atmosphere to present an experience rather than a stop off until the next event or venue opens up or until the club gets boring and starts loosing customers.

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